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On this page you will see the children Chelsea's Angels have donated to this year (2012).

Stuart is 17 years old and was diagnosed with Medulloblastomain July 2011. His parents were raising funds to buy him an adjustable electriv bed in an attempt to ease back/leg pain after his operations. They had already paid a deposit, this in our eyes was classed as equipment make life more comfortable for him, so we funded the balance of the bed.

"Hi Angels, Just to let you know Stuart's bed delivered yesterday and he slept like a log in it can't thank you enough true angels Fiona"

Scott is 2 years old and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, he has an older brother and sister, his sister is blind. As all families understand when a child is in and out of hospital for long periods of time, it can often put a strain on finances. We have donated funds to ease some of the strains, allowing them to worry about one less thing.

Ella is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Sadly the family were told there was nothing more that could be done for Ella. They wanted to take Ella on a 'last' holiday to Disneyworld, Florida to create some lovely memories.

We donated funds towards the holiday and prayed she would get to Florida. Sadly, Ella passed away before this could be arranged. We send our love and thoughts to Ella's family, R.I.P little lady, fly high xxxx

Alfie was diagnosed with Neuromblastoma stage 4 in January 2008, he also was diagnosed in 2005 with Ganglioneuroblastoma. In January of this year, Alfie may have relapsed with Neuroblastoma, with all that he had been through, his mum wanted something to make him smile.

He had asked for an Ipod, which we purchased for him. We hope it's a distraction whilst in hospital undergoing treatment.

Linas is 4 years old and lives quite local to the charity in Milton Keynes. He has Neuroblastoma and it was really important for Linas's health to be able to rest comfortably when at home. One of his parents always sleeps with him to care for him through the night, so a double bed was more suitable.

We funded a double bed/matress to ensure a peaceful, restful night for all the family.

Harvey has Neuroblastoma and his older sister, Olivia, loves taking photos of Harvey and his twin brother, Spencer. Olivia would love an Ipod touch for her birthday which is in October, but that is a long way.

We understand siblings go through so much too when their brother/sister is undergoing treatments. So we sent Olivia the Ipod she wanted, so she can take as many photos as possible and she loves music too, so we hope to see lots of those photo's Olivia, take care xxx

Amelia is 4 years old and has a Ependymoma brain tumour, also of the spine. She absolutely adores Peppa Pig and she's been through so much this past year. After brain surgery, she had to re-learn all basic functions, so moving her limbs, walking, talking, eating, swallowing, basically everything. Amelia has worked so hard through out the year regaining nearly all of these functions.

We were able to organise for Amelia to meet Peppa before seeing the theatre show. "Thank you Chelsea's angels, Amelia loved meeting peppa today and whispered to me on the way out 'I can't believe I just met the real peppa pig!' bless he she was super excited. Xxxx"

Because we were able to get the Peppa Pig meet organised complimentary, we knew Amelia wanted to go and Build a Bear, so we sent vouchers, her picture says it all :)

Natasha Collin is 3 years old and sadly terminally ill with Rhabdomyosarcoma which was diagnosed in March 2011. The family are wanting to enjoy some special days out with Natasha and her older siblings while she is well enough.

We have sent funds so that the family can choose their own days out and book them when is best for Natasha. Sending lots of love xxx

Kasey Kelly was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour called ATRT tumour or the long version Atypical Teratoid/Rhaboid Tumour. Her family have found treatment in Boston that could offer Kasey a cure. Her family have begun fundraising

We have donated funds towards their appeal and wish Kasey and her family all the best xxx

Maryam is 4 years old and has a rare facial tumour, namely a myoepithelial carcinoma . She would love a baby Annabel doll with some clothes to play with.

We have donated a doll, pushchair, lots of accessories and hope Maryam has lots of fun playing 'mummy' xxx

Niamh is 8 yrs old and has Astrocytoma Grade 3, less than 30 children a year develop high grade glioma in the UK. Her family are raising funds for Niamh to travel to America for treatment as the UK have no more treatments to offer.

Niamh loves shopping, particularly at Meadowhall. We have donated a gift card so Niamh can have a brilliant day out shopping and treat herself to lots of nice things. Meadowhall have also matched the amount and are sending a gift card too. Hope you have a lovely day xxx

Connor is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the beginning of the year. His family are fundraising for treatment in America as they are fully aware of the UK's lack of funds/treatment for this disease, so are raising funds now.

They have been using other people's computers and a phone to date to raise awareness of their appeal. They wanted their own laptop which would help massively for research, emails, creating website etc for their fundraising.

With the help of Andy as WiseIT who donated 50 towards the cost and also offered advice on the best type to buy, we have donated a Dell laptop. We wish you well with your appeal and massive thanks to Andy at WiseIT xx

Maryam is 3 years old and has Facial tumour, Myoepithelial Carcinoma and really wanted a Baby Annabell. We sent a whole range of accessories and the doll, which we hope Maryam is enjoying playing with.

Leona is 4 years old and has Neuroblastoma, we have provided the family with a grant for general household bills and expenses. It can be so hard on the family when a child is undergoing treatment and sometimes if a parent has to give up work it becomes even more difficult. We hope this eases some of the strain and wish Leona well.

McKenzie is 2 1/2 years old and had Neuroblastoma, his family have just moved house and would like to make McKenzie's room special. He loves Fireman Sam, so they would like to decorate the room around this theme. The charity has donated funds so the family can do this. We would love to see a picture of the finished room. Take care x

Robyn is 10 years old and has Neuroblastoma, she is currently having treatment in America and has been for a long time now. Her family continue to fundraise to fund her treatment abroad. Both Robyn and her brother love theme parks, love the rides etc so their Mum, Lisa thought it would be great idea to treat them to an annual pass for all Merlin parks.

The charity has donated the pass for all the family to enjoy some great days out. Have lots of fun and hope to see some pics on some scarey rides !!!!

Kyle is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. His family wanted to take him to Disneyland, but insurance alone would have cost around 3000. They decided to have a family holiday in Spain, but still insurance would cost over 300. We have paid the insurance for the holiday and hope they have a lovely holiday together as a family. Enjoy !!

Mason is 2 years old and has AT/RT (Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor), family and friends are trying to arrange a trip to disney land for him.

We have donated 500 towards the cost of the holiday and hope they succeed in raising the monies needed. Have a great time Mason x

Thomas is 5 years old and has Neuroblastoma, his original request was to meet Justin Fletcher from CBeebies. We tried our best but found out he only works solely with another charity. Thomas also loves Fireman Sam so we thought it would be nice for him to visit a firestation with a visit from Fireman Sam.

Sadly Thomas became very poorly as his cancer progressed, but we managed to get Fireman Sam to visit Thomas at the hospice to say hello. Thomas managed a little smile. We would like to thank Just-Party Northampton for their help in organising this.

Kian is 3 years old and has Neuroblastoma, his family are trying to raise funds to fund buying Kian a wooden playhouse for the garden. Due to the risk of infection it's very hard for Kian to play out with his friends. So his family want to makeover the garden to put the playhouse and sandpit in.

We have donated funds towards the cost of this and we hope Kian and his siblings have lots of fun playing outside together.

Lily who is 4 years old was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in May last year, she finished all her treatment two days before christmas and was having a good recovery until a routine scan showed she had a swollen lymph gland. She went into hospital to have the gland removed where they ended up removing 2 lymph glands and another lump that they found. They family are currently waiting for results on the glands and lump, but would like to treat Lily to something nice for being such a brave little girl.

They thought a swing/see saw to play in the garden with her siblings would be a great idea, so this is what we donated. Have a great time playing on it.

"the gift has just arrived and Lily is so excited already, thank u so much, she hasn't smiled like this for a couple of weeks now, its lovely to see her like this again. I really can't thank u enough for the gift we really appreciate it, many thanks, kerrie and lily x x x"

Joel is 16 years old and been diagnosed with Olfactory Neuroblastoma. His family are taking him to America for Proton therapy which the NHS are funding but only for Joel to go and 2 carers. Joel has a 3 year old sister, Alica who won't be funded to accompany them. So the family are raising funds for cost of this. We

have donated funds towards this and feel it's an important thing to keep family together as much as possible. Wishing Joel all the best for his treatment and future. Take care.

Kieran is 14 years old and was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma of left tibia, resulting in amputation of his leg to give him the best chance of beating the cancer. His family are raising funds for a prosthetic leg, the one's provided by the NHS are usually heavy and will only allow him to walk, no running. Kieran was a very active boy before all of this, the new leg will allow him to be a 'normal' boy again please help him to run again and get out of this wheelchair. We have donated funds towards the cost of the new prosthetic leg and wish Kieran well for the future. Take care x

Max is 2 years old and has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth along with severe hypotonia. The family value their time at home together when there is a break between hospital appointments.

They would like to make their garden secure for Max and his siblings to play outside safely. We have donated funds towards the cost of this project. Hope you all have great fun outdoors playing together

Alfie is 5 years old and has Neuroblastoma, he is about to begin MIBG Therapy at UCLH in London. This will put a huge strain on the family financially as they live in Scotland. We hope our donation will help ease some of the strain. Take care

Philippa Goymer is about to turn 1 years old and her treatment is about to end for Rhabdomyosarcoma. Her family would like to hold a huge celebration for her birthday and christening. We have donated funds to help them celebrate a very special day. Hope you have the best time.

Olivia has a younger sister, Tilly who has Medullablastoma. Olivia would love to go see Conor Maynard in concert so we have funded 3 tickets and travel for Olivia, a friend and cousin. We hope you have a great time, enjoy.

Nyree is 2 years old and has Wilms Tumour she would love a Stella Peach Doll and accessories. We sent Nyree the doll and lots of accessories - buggy, clothes, changing bag etc. We hope you have lots of fun playing with your new dolly, take care.

"Would like to say a massive thank you for sending our gorgeous girl Nyree such a fantastic gift! She is in love with her baby Stella peaches, it's kept Nyree (and mummy) entertained all afternoon. Thank you so very very much. She's over the moon"

Katie is 4 years old and has ATRT brain tumour and we was asked if we could help with a special day out for Katie and her 2 siblings. To allow the family to decide where they wanted to go, we sent funds to allow them some great family time together. Hope you have lots of fun.

Karis is 4 years old and has a Supretentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumour (PNET). The family needed financial support as home appliances were breaking down, school uniforms needed and general family expenses. The charity donated funds to help with these costs and hopefully enough would be left over to help with a small treat for Karis and her sister. Take care

Darcie is 8 months old and has Infantile Fibrosarcoma of the chest cavity wall, a rare malignant tumor in childhood. Her mummy has been a huge support of the charity, thank you so much.

We donated a Silvercross Pink Stroller and a toy to Darcie and hope she has lots of fun playing with Violet and travelling in her new buggy, take care.

Lily is 2 years old and has Neuroblastoma and her family are working to getting the back garden landscaped and made safe for Lily and her sister to play in safely. Ths cost quoted is 2000, we have donated funds towards the project. We hope they have lots of fun outside in the garden once it's finished.

Niamh is 11 years old and has Undifferentiated sarcral sarcoma and her family are raising funds for proton therapy in America. This is quite common for families in the UK to have to raise funds for treatment in another country.

Because we understand the pressure involved in raising these much needed funds and the urgency, we donated funds towards their appeal and wish them the best of luck for Niamh's treatment. Take care

Benjamin is 3 years old and has Neuroblastoma, he is being treated at the same hospital Chelsea was treated. Their Clic Sargent Worker got in touch to request financial support for travel expenses, parking costs whilst Benjamin is in and out of hospital and to help with child care costs for Benjamins twin brother. We hope this grant helps some way to ease things.

For this particular request we worked with 2 other charities to make the whole treat possible. Both Maddi's Butterflies and Samuel's Childrens Charity worked with us on this.

Three mummies of children with Neuroblastoma all had daughters that they felt would enjoy a lovely mummy & daughter weekend away to London to see a show.

So tickets to see Shrek the Musical - travel to London and accomodation were all organised by us, Maddi's Butterflies and Samuel's Childrens Charity.