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On this page you will see the children Chelsea's Angels donated to in 2010.


Ashley Hyde

7 years old


Milton Keynes

Ashley's Facebook Group

Activity Toys Direct

isla simpson

Isla Simpson

2 years old



Isla's Facebook Page



Reece Puddington

7 years old



Reece's Facebook Page

Twins UK


Zachary Knighton-Smith

6 yers old



Zacharys Facebook Page



Alice Pyne

14 Years old

Hodgkin's Disease (lymphoma)


Post Pals



Madison Allan

5 yers old



Madison Allan Support Group


Gabby Matthews

11 years old

Papillary tumor of the thyroid


Post Pals

Pc World

We helped another charity, FAN (Families Against Neuroblastoma) take some children to see Britains Got Talent at the O2 Arena. Most of the children were siblings of children who had Neuroblastoma or whose brother or sister has lost their battle with Neuroblastoma. There was also a young girl, Jazmine who has Ewings Sarcoma and Donna who has Neuroblastoma.

We funded half the cost of a limosene with FAN funding the other half, to collect the children, take down to London and then take home at the end of the evening. Link to FAN :


Taylor Mitchell

14 years old

Large spinal ependymoma tumour with large syrinx

Left and right acoustic neuromas

East Sussex


We donated a Sony PS3 to Olivia Downie who is 5 1/2 years old and has Neuroblastoma.

She is currently receiving treatment in Germany for which her family are having to fundraise to pay for.

To Donate to Olivia's Appeal for Treatment

Iona Daniels

3 years old



Lovely range of dressing up clothes


We have donated a portable dvd player to Joshua Deller who is 2 1/2 years old.

Joshua has been fighting Neuroblastoma since he was 7 months old.

Here is a link to his facebook page which gives updates of how he is doing and information on how to donate to his appeal.

Joshua's Facebook Group

Portable DVD Player


We think its also important to help all members of the family, parents, siblings etc.

Everyone is affected when a child is diagnosed with cancer in different ways.

We sent a 100 River Island voucher to a young lady, Leah Mighty whose brother Lewis has Neuroblastoma.

It was her birthday and her mum wanted to spend some lovely mother and daughter time together shopping.

A young boy, Jay Brewer lives very local to the charity and his family are raising funds for his trip to America for Proton Therapy.

Despite two years of treatment British doctors cannot stop the tumour growing in Jay Brewer's brain, so they are sending him to Florida for proton therapy.

Jay has Pilocytic Astrocytoma, which affect around 145 children each year in the UK. The NHS has agreed to fund this, and for Jay and one accompanying adult. But the family wanted to stay together through Jays treatment so set up an appeal to fund all the family going.

As we know only too well the struggle to raise funds we felt it only right to make a donation to Jay's appeal. A donation of 1000 was made to Jay and his family, we wish them well and good luck for Jay's treatment.


Pierce White

9 years old


When asked by his mum he thought this would be fab for him and his siblings to have lots of fun on. The only thing stopping them enjoying it at the moment is all the snow.

8ft Trampoline with Circus Tent Cover

Mackenzie has Neuroblastoma and currently undergoing treatment. She loves watching dvd's but the tv in her bedroom wouldn't play them anymore. So Chelsea's Angels have donated a tv/dvd combi so she can watch lots of films in her bedroom. We hope you like it Mackenzie and can enjoy your films now.

Pink Tv/Dvd Combi

Arthur has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is extremely rare, fewer than 60 children are diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoman in the UK each year.

Scan results that the family have received showed Arthur is still clear of cancer but he needs to be weaned off the feeding tube he has used for more than a year.

Arthur needs 15,000 to send him to University Children's Hospital Graz in Austria next March. Doctors at Leicester Royal Infirmary told the family Arthur may never eat normally, but the Austrian treatment programme Mrs Kingham has found has a 90 per cent success rate.

The programme combines reducing feeds through the tube with play-based behavioural therapy that encourages the child to eat normally. Not using his mouth to eat has also slowed Arthur's speech development by about a year.

Chelsea's Angels has donated 1000 to the appeal and hopes that the target is met so that Arthur can receive the treatment he needs as soon as possible.

The charity donated to Ryan Savage a box of toys around the theme of Spiderman and Ben 10. Ryan has Neuroblastoma and is age 4 currently undergoing treatment here in the UK. We also added a small gift in the box for his sister Sheila Ann, who loves JLS. Here is a link to his facebook page giving updates on his treatment. Support for Ryan Savage