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Saturday 29 June 2013

Abba Tribute Night

Higham Ferrers Working Mens Club

7.00pm till late

Come have a fab night out, see a fab Abba tribute band - great disco

Tickets are 10 - plus raffle.
Please click on the link above and sign the petition to request the government implement and fund an awareness campaign to educate the public to recognise the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma, and empower parents and GP's to adopt a policy of early testing when symptoms first present. If had been in place many years ago, who knows how many childrens lives would have been saved? Your help with this could help save many more lives for the future. Thank you

Fundraising Stall : Saturday 25 August 2012

To try and boost tickets sales for an upcoming event we help a fundraising stall in Wellingborough town centre. It was a good day and we raised 125 from a tombola, 20 in donations and 27 in merchandise sales. Thank you to everyone that came to support our stall.

Pamper Night : Saturday 18 August 2012

Our cousins/committee members - Sam/Hayley & Vikki organised a pamper night at Wollaston Working Mens club. They raised a fab 130 from stall holders and a raffle. Thank you so much for organising the event.

Fundraising/Awareness Stall ( Kettering Carnival ) : Saturday 18 August 2012

We attended Kettering Carnival for the first time and what a great event. We had a good day, collecting signatures for out petition too. We raised 141 on our tombola and 9.50 in merchandise sales. Thank you for a good day.

pink day
Wear PINK to Work Day ( Chelsea's Angelversary ) : Thursday 9 August 2012

Sadly Chelsea passed away on Sunday 9 August 2009, but every year since, we have celebrated her very short life by asking everyone to wear pink and donate 1. This year we raised over 650 from some very kind supporters and companies that took part. Thank you everyone for remembering a very special little angel.

Awareness Stall ( Morrisons ) : Sunday 22 July 2012

We held an awareness and fundraising stall at Morrisons in Wellingborough. It was a good day and we raised 155.80 from our tombola, 53 in donations and 28.50 in merchandise sales. Thank you so much to everyone that supported us.

Fundraising Stall ( Corby Carnival ) : Saturday 13 July 2012

We attended the Corby Carnival for the first time and considering the rain was bad, we had a good day. We raised 153.40 on tombola and 18.50 on merchandise sales. Thank you to everyone that braved the weather to support the event and our stall.

Fundraising stall at Pamper event in Bozeat : Sunday 24 June 2012

We were invited to attend a pamper day in Bozeat and hold a tombola to raise funds for our charity. We raised 84.95 from the tombola and donations. Thank you everyone that supported the event and our stall.

Fundraising/Awareness Stall (Swansgate Centre) : Saturday 26 May 2012

We held a fab tombola and awarness stand in the Swansgate shopping centre. We raised 189 on our tombola, 69 on merchandise sales and 59.10 from very kind donations. Thank you to everyone that came to see us and supported us.

Medium Night : Saturday 19 May 2012

Great night hosted by a fab medium, Deborah Grantham at the Oliver Twist Pub. 169 raised in total fromt ticket sales and raffle. Thank you to everyone that came.

Sponsored Waendel Walk : Saturday 12 May 2012

Co-Founder of the charity, Michelle wore the charity mascot costume and walked 6 miles at the towns Waendel Walk. This was a sponsored event and a group of the charity fundraisers took part too. Rebecca Scott and Karen Shaw both raised funds too by asking for sponsors. Thank you to everyone that took part and sponsored those taking part. Michelle raised just short of 500 which is brilliant, thank you.

Charity Medium Nite with Sharon Hall & Darren Turner : Saturday 28 April 2012

A great medium nite hosted by Darren Turner & Sharon Hall, at Wollaston Working Mens Club who allow us to hire the venue for free, which is great. Ticket sales and a raffle helped raise 331 and 44 on merchandise sales. Thank you to everyone that attended and to Sharon & Darren for their support.

Charity Zumbathon : Sun 22 April 2012
A great event organised by Sam & Hayley, hosted by Sarah Silsby and Carolyn Thorne at Wollaston Scott Bader. 236 raised in total from the event, which is fabulous, thank you everyone involved. Scott Bader also match fund the amount so 482 raised in total.

Charity Coffee Morning: Saturday 14 April 2012

We held a coffee morning at College Street Day Centre in Irthlingborough, with a cake sale, book sale and tombola. We raised 108.15 and 36.50 on merchandise sales. Thank you to everyone that attended, we really do appreciate it.

Charity Medium Nite with Vikki Taylor : Friday 23 March 2012

We hosted a charity medium nite at the Hind hotel, with Vikki as the host. We would like to thank both the Hind Hotel and Vikki for their support and helping us raise 230, thanks to all that attended and supported the event.

Back to School Disco: Saturday 25 February 2012

A back to school disco took place at Wollaston Working Mens Club, organised by Chelsea's cousins, Sam & Hayley. They raised 171 through ticket sales and a raffle. Thank you, hope everyone had a great time.

Christmas Tombola/Awareness Stall : 16/17 December 2011

We are Sainsbury's local charity of the year and we organised a tombola/awareness stall and a day of bag packing. We raised 175 from the tombola stall and 324.19 from the bag packing. So huge thanks to the customers of Sainsburys for supporting the charity and thank you all those that volunteered to bag pack.

Christmas Shopping Fayre : 12 November 2011

The charity hosted a Christmas Shopping Fayre, inviting local businesses to advertise and sell their items. We had many people wanting a stall, and will have to find a bigger venue for next year.

Lots of items were on sale, homemade items, candles, beauty items, nappy/pamper cakes etc. A tombola and tea/coffees also help to raise extra funds. We managed to raise just over 500 with charity merchandise sales too. Thank you to everyone that attended and helped support the event.
christmas fayre

Ladies Shopping & Pamper Nite : 15 October 2011

Two members of our fundraising team organised a ladies Pamper & Shopping Evening. Lots of stall holders providing lovely treatments and selling beautiful items. A disco took place too at the end of the evening provided by Mini Me Roadshow. They raised 214 for the charity which is absolutely brilliant, thank you

Elvis Tribute Nite with Simon "THE REBEL" Patrick : 1 October 2011

We hold this event every year, and this is the 3rd year. The Rebel is a brilliant act and always puts on the best show. We held a raffle and a quiz, raising 579 - we also managed to raise back the money we lost when our previous venue went into administration.

Huge thanks to The Pemberton Centre too for offering their venue and the brilliant help offered by the staff, much appreciated.


Fundraising Stall @ Irthlingborough Carnival : 3 September 2011

With the charity being based in Irthlingborough, its great to attend the Irthlingborough Carnival. We added to our fundraising stall, a hoopla game which goes down really well.

We managed to raise 333.68 from tombola, hoopla, card sales and merchandise sales, so thank you all so much.

Charity Balloon Race : 6 August 2011

We held a balloon race after a friend of the family, Janet Pottier Dowse donated a balloon ride as a prize. We also had 2 local businesses, donate prizes too - Loony Balloony and Universal Castles

We managed to raise 291 and thank all the people that purchased a balloon, both online and in person. The winner of the balloon race was Rob Toms, whose balloon travelled 70 miles to Boston. The person who returned the card was T Harness who received 25 as a prize.

balloon race

Wear PINK to Work / At Home Day : 9 August 2011

We pay tribute to Chelsea each year on they day she passed away by holding a Wear PINK to Work/Home Day. We ask family, friends and local businesses to take part and pay 1. This year you helped us raise 662.

Many thanks also to Scott Bader, Able Lables, Favours Day Nursery, Isebrook Hospital, Littlestones Pre-school, Oasis Dental Surgery, Whitworths for taking part too


Wellingborough Carnival Fundraising Stall : 2 July 2011

We held a fundraising stall after the Wellingborough carnival at Croyland Park. It included a tombola, hoopla game selling of our charity merchandise.

We also unveiled our charity mascot which was purchased from funds raised through a 50/50 cash raffle online with Facebook, thank you to everyone that took part.

We raised 293.50 from tombola and hoopla, then 24.50 on merchandise sales, thank you to everyone that came to see us, and to those that helped run the stall.

chelsea's angel

CBay Auction : 13 June 2011 - 20 June 2011

Through the month of June, Moira worked hard trying to collection donations together of items that could be auctioned. The event was held online on Facebook and was a huge success. She managed to raise 758, which was fantastic.

Many thanks to all that supported the event, donating items to be auctioned, bidding and also sharing the event too.

John Pyel Project Community Event : 23 April 2011

The charity hosted a tombola at their local St Georges Day / Royal Wedding celebration on Sat 23 April at Les O'dell Park in Irthlingborough. We raised 121 from the tombola and had a great day at the celebrations hosted by the John Pyel Project.

Awareness & Fundraising Day : 27 March 2011

The charity is concentrating this year on raising awareness of Neuroblastoma, the charity and what we do. We had a stand in our local shopping centre, showing information about the charity. We also held a tombola, did face painting and a charity merchandise stall. Attending our event was "Stormy" the Star Wars Storm Trooper from Children's Brain Tumour Events.

We are pleased to say that Stormy collected just over 300 from general donations. We also raised 325 from our stand through merchandise, tombola and face painting. Thank you to everyone that helped on the day and to all that came to see us.

Irthlingborough Street Fair Stall : 18 December 2010

Irthlingborough hosted a Xmas Street Fair and invited us to have a stall. We had a raffle, homemade shortbread biscuits and charity merchandise to raise funds. We raised 38 from the raffle and sales of biscuits and 40 for our merchandise.
street fair

Some of Shannon's (Chelsea's sister) school friends decided to help with fundraising and went carol singing in Irthlingborough. They collected 22.63 and donated it to the charity, thank you all so much, well done

Koru Accessories owned by Fay Weatherson, hosted a Shopping and Pamper evening at her shop on the Leyland industrial estate - Unit 116, Irthlingborough Road, NN81RT. The evening was to raise funds for Chelsea's Angels and NC TLC. In total 370 was raised from ticket sales, raffle and donations from the sales.

Emily Summerly organised a Spiritual Medium Nite featuring Vince Price. Through ticket sales, raffle and refreshments she raised 454.44 which is brilliant. Thank you to Vince for a great evening and to everyone that attended the event.

Elvis Tribute Nite : Saturday 9 October 2010

Total raised from this event was 1670

This was a great evening attended by appx 230 people, thank you all for coming.

Big thanks to Simon "THE REBEL" Patrick for his great performance.

Thank you for everyone that donated raffle prizes and special thanks to Moira for the pink hampers she put together, they were fab.


Family Fun Day : Saturday 25 September 2010

Total raised from this event was 887.15

Big thanks to everyone that helped on the day. Thank you also for all the tombola and game prizes donated. Thank you to everyone that attended the event and supported the charity

family fun day

Quiz Nite : Saturday 18 September 2010

Total raised from this event was 85.00

Big thanks to Colin for organising this event. Thank you also to The Cromwell Pub for letting us use their pub to host. Great nite, thank you all that attended.

Irthlingborough Carnival : Saturday 04 September 2010

Total raised from tombola stall was 146.50

It was a pleasure to be a part of Irthlingborough's Carnival. We dressed in our charity shirts, tutus and pink legging. Handing out balloons and leaflets to the community of Irthlingborough to raise awareness of the charity. We thank everyone that helped and attended our stall.
irthlingborough carnival

Balloon release / Race Night : Sunday 28 September 2010

Total raised from balloon relesea to date is 225 and the race nite raised 95

This event was organised by The Royal Oak in Wellingborough. The prize for the balloon that travels the furthest is 125 and the event will close end of Oct. Thank you so much for raising a brilliant amount
balloon release

Wear PINK to work or at home day: Monday 9 August 2010

Total raised from this event was 441.00

We are so happy that lots of people joined in to remember Chelsea on the day she gained her angels wings. Lots of people wore pink to work or at home to remember a brave little girl and this helped us raise funds to help many other children fighting this disease. Thank you all so much.
wear pink

Fundraising stall - Wellingborough Carnival: Saturday 3 July 2010

Total raised from this event was 315.45

We had a massive response to our appeal for toy tombola items. We thank you all for your kindness with your donations.
wellingborough carnival

Waendel Walk/Head shave in memory of Chelsea : Saturday 8 May 2010

Total raised from this event to date is 1745.00.

We had about 40 people join us to walk 9 miles in memory of Chelsea. Also on the day, Suzie Minney of Rushden did a sponsored head shave, very brave lady, thank you.

Coffee Morning & Tabletop Sale : Saturday 17 April 2010

Total raised from this event was 324.31.

We had a massive response to our request of handmade cards for which we are very grateful - this on its own raised 92. Thank you for the homemade cakes people took the time to make.

Race Nite : Sunday 11 April 2010

Total raised from this event was 110.00

The Royal Oak hosted a race nite donating percentage of the bets to Chelsea's Angels. Great night had by all and thank you to family, friends and Royal Oak customers that attended and took part.

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