Child Donations

Tablet was donated as requested by the family

“Our son Brandon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in July 2015, aged 7.  Now 3 years on he continues to endure daily chemotherapy, pain and fatigue.  It’s had a huge impact on his life.  What was taken for granted before cancer is now so precious.  Brandon is very bright, loves motorsport and engineering.  He now has a tablet which is larger so he can type more easily and be able to do all his research and fact finding that he loves so much.  This charity and your donations has made a 10 year old smile, an amazing blessing.  We thank you so much for your generosity ”

Chelseas Angels - Reece Washing Machine

A washing machine was donated, items that most people take for granted are needed even more so when a child is undergoing treatment, but if it breaks down, funds just aren't available and washing mounts up

“A massive heartfelt thank you for enabling us to get a washing machine, it is now delivered and installed and being very much used! And loved! I simply could not afford to replace my last washing machine that broke down, then my teenage son, Reece (14yrs old) was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 3B on 23rd of December 2016.

With Christmas, his cancer diagnosis and having to stop working (I’m a single mum) to be in hospital for first round of chemo, it was when we returned home the hard work started. The chemo made him sick in bed regularly and many a night i washed his bedding in the bath, not moaning as a parent does everything they can, but it was hard sometimes, and stressful.

Your donation has made a huge difference and made both mine and Reece’s lives so much easier so a massive Thank You! I honestly cried with happiness when it was delivered, I did a little dance around my kitchen! Reece has learned already how to put his washing in, a small thing but makes him feel that bit more grown up and in control during this tough time”

A kindle was donated as requested by the family and this request was supported by Cancer is a Drag charity too.​

Chelseas Angels - Eden Kindle Donation

“Eden is absolutely in love with her Kindle. Thank you so, so much to you, Cancer is a Drag and the donor who made it possible! It was a good distraction today during her (new to her) type of blood test. Still traumatic but we’ll get there ️️️️️❤❤❤❤❤ thank you again xxx”

Chelseas Angels - Sholum Break Away

Helped with funding for a much needed break away, working with a few other children's cancer charity to give them the best time away.

“We would like to thank you on behalf of our family for the wonderful break in Scotland that you have so kindly helped us with.
We had an amazing time away with our boys appreciating the joys of being a family, playing games, going on walks, having barbecues and fun together. The setting at the cottage was very relaxing and tranquil and we have enjoyed every minute of it. This break has given us an opportunity to unwind, relax and start the journey back into “normal” life.
You have granted us an opportunity to have what we were missing for long 1.5 years.

Thank you for your invaluable work on behalf of families like ours.
Thank Gd, Sholum is feeling and doing very well and he will be starting nursery next week. we are thanking you for being partners in his journey to recovery.

Attached is a photo of our family on holiday in Balquhidder
Warm regards
Family Goldkin”

A young girl desperately wanted a puppy, but this wasn't possible whilst on treatment. Now in remission it was something the family could look into. With the help of two other children's cancer charities, we helped fund the cost of a beautiful puppy.

Chelseas Angels - Grace Puppy

“Hiya, wanted to let you know that we picked up Bella on Wednesday! She is lovely and all the family are besotted with her. Thank you so much for helping make this happen for our family.”

Chelseas Angels - Ethan Day Out

We funded the cost of a merlin pass for a family to enjoy to some much needed days out away from the hospital and treatment

“Hi, We were lucky enough last year through to receive funding from your fantastic charity to purchase a family Merlin pass, I hope its ok we left it until the start of this year to purchase so we can take advantage of the better weather when it comes.

On Saturday we collected the passes from Sea Life centre In Birmingham, Ethan’s face as we wondered around was in amazement at what he was seeing. A lovely day out.

Ethan doing ok post Cancer treatment, still having issues with Magnesium levels which normally mean into hospital once a week for an infusion.”

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