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"Chelsea’s last wish before she passed away was that we, her Mummy and Daddy help, other poorly children with this disease"

Her Love Passed On

Chelsea’s last wish before she passed away was that we, her Mummy & Daddy, help other poorly children with this disease. For a 3 year old she was a very mature little girl who knew what she wanted.

Chelsea, Our Angel
Chelsea, Our Angel

Our daughter was diagnosed with a childhood cancer Neuroblastoma in 2007 at the age of 2. We watched her with spirit and courage fight her battle for nearly 2 years.

We spent over a year trying to raise funds to take her to America for potentially life saving treatment. But we sadly ran out of time as the disease took hold of our little girl around June 2009. Chelsea lost her brave fight on 9 August 2009, but before she passed away, we promised her we would help other poorly children just like her.

Chelsea’s family, her mummy, Emma, her daddy, Andy and her older sister Shannon, wanted Chelsea not to be forgotten. She was such an amazing little girl and so funny for a 3 year old. She knew what was what, and told you so, if you needed telling, they wanted everyone to know how tenacious she really was and how all children diagnosed with cancer are too.

To watch a little girl endure some very intense treatments is something you will never forget seeing and never forget how such a young child can just keep going. Emma felt she needed to honor that bravery and needed to keep a part of Chelsea alive.

Chelsea’s Angels was set up to support other families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer. The family had been on that journey and could identify struggles they experienced and where help was limited. Setting up the charity was a way to try and make a difference to others and offer support that they once needed.

In previous years we have been able to give support in many different ways, funds for holidays, paying bills, sending gifts etc. However, due to the pandemic we wasn’t able to sustain that kind of support as we weren’t able to hold our normal events. We also have a smaller team now, so had to think of ways to ensure Chelsea’s Angels was able to keep going.

Chelsea’s Angels Happiness Boxes were created, still making sure we were Creating SMILES, Making MEMORIES and Offering SUPPORT. but in a different way.

The boxes contain lots of items that can help alleviate boredom, whilst in hospital or recuperating at home, offer distraction at some very trying times and create a magical SMILE.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

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